Milperra – Vale of Ah

Address: Auld Ave, Milperra NSW 2214

Description: Massive, open park with trees bordering 3 sides & two ‘forest’ areas that the doggies love to explore. So far the favourite park we’ve seen & had the pleasure of meeting with many lovely regulars.

  • Fences: 5ft high, user- patched up gaps
  • Entry/Exit areas & Gates:
    5 entries – all missing / un-aligned latches. Most held closed with cord!! Few have spring loaded hinges & some hinges have no spring left in them. Gaps under gates a risk for small & medium sized adventurous dogs.
  • Grass: Has large lawn play areas + areas of dry dirt/ weed. This week only the fence, ‘forest’ & tree borders were mowed leaving main grassed area patchy & untidy.
  • Trees & bushes: Great shady trees & bushes for hiding, playing & sheltering in. 
  • Water: 2 artistic, impractical water fountains that trickle water. One has a user-fitted creative modification to divert the water into user supplied 20lt water buckets. A proper twin tap is located on the outer border of the park servicing the carpark?!?
  • Agility / Play equipment, platforms, mounds: Located on one side of park – basic gear that isnt favoured by dogs unless owner is training for reward. Could do with large stormwater concrete pipes placed centrally.
  • Lighting: Lights exist facing the dog park but these are not turned on pre-dawn, twilight or dark. No timer is available for safe access & use of the park to those whose circumstances prevent them from exercising their pooches during daylight hours.
  • Shelter: Single small shelter with platform located on one side of park only near agility area. Completely inadequate for wet & windy days as one would have to stand at the centre of platform under shelter & still have their legs wet.
  • Seating: Park benches are scattered around the park – all exposed to sun & rain.
  • Poo Bags: Dedicated users have brought their own shopping bags as none are provided by council.  A disgraceful amount of poo is left uncollected – I’ve watched owners stop to observe their pooch defecating & walked off. A walk in this park is an intricate dance to avoid collecting a souvenir on the base of your shoe. 
  • Bins: Requires emptying more often & accessible by stepping outside the park to deposit rubbish.
  • Toilet facilities: None

Nice to have: Separated Small dog / Large Dog areas: None – single mixed size park


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