Finding a suitable and safe dog park

This is the post excerpt.

Moving to Western Sydney from Adelaide in Dec 2017 the primary goal (after accommodation) was to find a few local dog parks for my 2yr old rescue husky (Seela) at a standard that respects her and my needs in a safe and secure environment. The sad reality is that every one of them we have found so far is lacking in the essentials.

Council’s try and provide facilities to meet the needs of their constituents – however without experiencing the challenges of standing in the freezing wind, muddy puddles underfoot, huddled under an umbrella with your own folding chair or skin burning in baking hot sun because there is no shade or even grass to sit on while waiting for pup to finish playing or doing their business – how can they be expected to know.

This analysis of facilities for the dog parks we visit is a guide to those looking for a new place for their pup to play, for visitors or even for council’s who would like to lead in providing a standard others want to follow.

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